Flogen Thermo House as an exclusive franchise of the Swiss-Albanian company Flogen Corporation is the first company in the Balkans that produces ICF Block from EPS Polystyrol or Neopor, through which we realize the construction of prefabricated houses designed by own designers in Switzerland, Germany, Danmark, Sweden, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Kosovo.

With our products, which represent Energy efficient blocks, you can easily build factories, warehouses, farm buildings, kiosks, holiday homes, swimming pools, or innumerable models of modern homes and villas according to your wish.

Flogen Thermo House has a solution for all of you. Your dream home can be called a different modular unit – depending on the number of family members and the space you need.

The combination of these ready-made wall units that come in the desired dimensions can be installed horizontally and vertically. Each unit represents certain parts such as the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and stairs. They are complete with all necessary installations (electricity, water, plates) and after installing in the proper position, fill only with ready concrete. The advantages of the Flogen Thermo House wall system are that they are easy to transport and can be installed in any field. We Build FOAM HOUSE, Passive House, or Zero Energy House.

 Our motto is:

  If you can dream it, we can build it