Franchise opportunity in the construction industry by opening your own business with building the houses and selling the properties. Save yourself up to 1-3 months of hassles sourcing aggregates and figuring out how to make money by starting with proven methods in your own business…. plus, the hottest new ICF building technology in the construction industry.

How does a Flogen franchise work?

Quite simply, a franchise is a method of distributing a business’s products or services. Franchising is an alternative to the owner building the business units that they fund, manage and staff themselves. It allows individuals to trade on the goodwill of a brand name and gain from the Flogen company experience.

This is how a Flogen franchise works

Typically the owner of a business (known as the franchisor) licenses to a third party (known as the franchise) the right to operate business services using the franchisor’s business name and systems for a set period of time.

Of course, the franchise will pay a fee for this, which may be an upfront payment by the franchise to the franchisor, an ongoing fee with Flogen franchise will be back to the franchise on the first business transaction.

Flogen Franchise is offering in Your country to become an owner of the property based on the net income of the plot and building solution.

After finishing the building of your House in Your country with Flogen franchise methodology, you as an owner of the Franchise will be able to sell the property with a double or triple price. After property sales then you get back You initially investments and the difference is sharing between the franchise that is You and the franchisor that is Flogen company. After the first transaction, we can make many of the similar transaction with no anymore investments from Your side. Just observe and take a lot of Profit at each business transaction. 

Why is franchising so popular?

The simple answer is that franchising provides benefits to both franchisors and franchisees, as they share in the success of the business operated by the franchise.

Six franchisor benefits
  • Expansion isn’t dependent on the franchisor’s capital but the resources of the franchise
  • Improved performance: a franchisee’s investment in the business is likely to make them more committed to success than a corporate manager
  • Speedy growth of the network
  • The franchisor can service national customers
  • The franchisor is not handling the day-to-day operations of each business unit
  • There is less capital risk
Six benefits of being a franchise
  • Access to a well-known brand and the buying power attached to a bigger operation
  • Assistance in choosing a location and setting up the business
  • Ongoing support and training from experienced professionals
  • Mentoring and business advice from fellow franchisees
  • A common marketing program
  • Some legal protections are provided to franchisees by the Franchising Code of Conduct.

If you feel that You will be pursuing a new career through Flogen franchise, then do not hesitate to contact us at our email, giving us, your details, and more info for your work in a country in which you now live and work.

If you will be interesting for us, we will call you in a Skype/Viber interview


Are you interested to become an owner of the successful company. This opportunity offered to you a Flogen franchise?

If you’re looking for a good balance between the work and private life, Flogen franchise can give you a business that can be an ideal scenario for you. This is the basic information for a new business for you, in a project for the construction of prefabricated homes, for the region where you live and work …

Flogen franchise may be perfect for people who live and work in a rich country, working many years with Salary, Flogen franchise offers them the chance to be the Owner of their successful company for construction. The construction business is growing. If you are a person and have the opportunity to invest, Flogen franchisees can be an ideal solution for You. We will show you all that you should know to run a successful business in the construction industry, of course after paying the franchisees license.

Running a successful business is the dream of each person. Flogen franchisees can be a ticket for a  vivid future for you. A type of building so-called ICF construction offers an exciting opportunity for the involvement of new members, who will be representing us as a general representative for that country. Flogen offer a franchisee of the construction industry by building prefab houses, and joining You in our team, will bring to share common successes.

As owner and moderators, Flogen Franchising I offered to a client with exclusive special business features.

To be part of the team of the Flogen Group, our future partner (You) you must live in countries with great Business opportunities (Germany, Italy, Slovenia, and other European countries, Scandinavian Country, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Australia) and dedicate themselves professionally to our new system of fast construction of houses through ICF prefabricated elements …

Any big experience not required.

The regional franchise is appropriate for business people. They must be able to prove that they have skills and business activities or had experience with the management of their own business.

If you are interested to become Your own Boss in a Country in which perhaps until now, had worked as a simple worker Flogen Franchise allows you to become successful in a construction company, which will be developed together with our professional staff …